Quick Start

0. Install Node.js

Fabricator is built on Node.js, a platform for building fast, scalable network applications. There are pre-built installers for each platform. You can also install with Homebrew via brew install node

1. Download Fabricator Instance

Each toolkit starts with a new, unique instance of Fabricator. You can grab the latest with this one-liner:

$ curl -L https://github.com/fbrctr/fabricator/archive/master.tar.gz | tar zx --strip 1

Alternatively, you can use the Yeoman generator to scaffold a new project for you:

$ npm install -g generator-fabricator
$ yo fabricator

2. Start Building

Once your instance is setup, you're ready to start building. Start the development environment by running:

$ npm start

3. Next Steps...

Learn about toolkit-driven development or dig right into using materials, rapid prototyping, and data.