Third-party Dependencies

Including third-party dependencies in your toolkit

Fabricator makes it easy to include a third-party library like jQuery in your toolkit.

Using Webpack to bundle dependencies

Fabricator uses Webpack to bundle modules using the CommonJS module syntax:

/* src/assets/toolkit/scripts/my-module.js */
module.exports = {
  foo: function() {
    return 'bar';
/* src/assets/toolkit/scripts/toolkit.js */
var myModule = require('./my-module');; // 'bar'

In the above example, webpack will find all the dependencies and output a single file that contains both my-module.js and toolkit.js.

Dependency Management

It's recommended that you leverage either NPM or Bower to manage dependencies.

Option 1: NPM

NPM is the recommended way to add third-party dependencies.

$ npm install --save-dev jquery

Including NPM dependencies

By default, if a require() call is not prefixed with a path, webpack will recursively search the node_modules directories for the specified module.

// "./" tells webpack to search the current
// directory for "my-module"
var myModule = require('./my-module');

// no path was specified, so recursively search
// "node_modules" directories for "jquery"
var $ = require('jquery');

Option 2: Bower

Bower is a great tool for managing third party client side dependencies. Here's how to leverage Bower on a Fabricator instance:

  1. Install Bower globally for access to the CLI $ npm install -g bower
  2. Install Bower local to project $ npm install bower --save-dev
  3. Run $ bower init to initialize Bower for your project.
  4. Add a .bowerrc config file to your project root.


  "directory": "bower_components"
  1. Update package.json scripts object to hook into Bower install task.


"scripts": {
  "gulp": "gulp",
  "bower": "bower",
  "prestart": "npm install",
  "build": "npm install && gulp",
  "start": "gulp --dev",
  "postinstall": "bower install",
  "test": "npm run build"
  1. Add bower_components to .gitignore.

  2. Install dependencies with Bower.

$ bower install --save-dev jquery

Including Bower dependencies

  1. Tell webpack to search "bower_components"


// add the "resolve" property to the config
var config = {
  /* other config properties */
  resolve: {
    modulesDirectories: ['node_modules', 'bower_components']
  1. Require the module

Unlike including NPM dependencies, Bower has no rules for how a module is structured. As a result, you will often have to specify a more specific path:

var myLibrary = require('myLibrary/dist/library');

Handling modules that do not use CommonJS

Many Bower modules are just plain JavaScript files that don't use the CommonJS module syntax; an example might be a jQuery plugin.

Fabricator includes both the Imports Loader and the Script Loader to handle these cases.

Imports Loader

// installed via NPM
var $ = require('jquery');

// installed via Bower


Script Loader

This loader evaluates code in the global context, just like you would add the code into a script tag. In this mode every normal library should work. require, module, etc. are undefined.

Note: The file is added as string to the bundle. It is not minimized by webpack, so use a minimized version. There is also no dev tool support for libraries added by this loader.